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Intelligent Street Lighting - Success Stories

Jakarta, Indonesia
Different Lights, Single Solution
Over 4,500 lights LED and HPS lights in Jakarta are switched and dimmed through powerline control according to special saving scenarios. Careful deployment plan and special filtering algorithm made it possible to combine both controlled and uncontrolled lights within a single power line. Old HPS lamps in the side streets are controlled individually together with dimmable LEDs in central avenues.
60% Savings, 90% Faster Response
Any occurring failures are immediately reported to the control room and emailed to operators resulting in 90% faster response to lamp malfunctions. Implementation of CMS saved from 30 to 60% in different areas depending on the type of luminaires and applied saving scenarios.
"The network Sundrax built has never been interrupted because of technical reasons so we hardly had a chance to experience their declared 24-hour tech service."
Integrator, Jakarta
Agartala, India
Reliable and Affordable
35,000+ lights controlled by Sundrax's QULON Street Lighting Management System in order to bring efficiency, economy, and better illumination in street lighting sector of Agartala City. The project has been executed in agreement with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). Old HPSV and CFL street lights were converted into uncontrollable LEDs and then enhanced by QULON CMS within jointly elaborated street lighting anagement program.
Group control had been chosen for faster city-wide control system implementation. Sundrax elaborated deployment plan and installed over 700 control modules into power cabinets around Agartala to switch luminaire groups on and off upon the given scenario. QULON CMS provided analytic tool about power consumption and performance of lighting system allowing for the prompt response to lamp failures and power shortages around the city. Relay control has been proven as the most affordable and easily implemented solution to take command of the lighting in rapidly developing urban communities.

Group control solution is easily upgradable on the next level of street lighting development into individual control system by adding powerline or radio control modules onto existing Qulon controllers. QULON CMS in Agartala saves over 450,000 USD per year by proper lighting management and maintenance savings.
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