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Group Street Lighting Control and Dimming

Affordable energy-effective solution to control and monitor both retrofit and LED lights
Easy and affordable way to connect your luminaires into a single system
Fast Payback
Starts saving maintenance costs and providing better lighting form the first year of implementation.
Easy Retrofit
Works simultaneously for retrofit HPS and new LED luminaires.
Low Maintenance Costs
With only a few central controllers installed into power cabinets, the control room is always aware of lighting performance.
Great option to start connecting city lights, easily upgradable by just adding additional modules over existing ones.
What is Group Control?
Group Control is an affordable solution to connect all your lighting assets into a single system. It provides the tools to take control of all your street lighting, regardless of the network structure, by connecting them to QULON.

Group Control is the most cost-effective way to deliver better lighting where it's needed and cut drastically on maintenance costs. Retrofit luminaires can be equipped with dimming modules to improve their energy-effectiveness, stabilize their voltage and regulate lighting levels: this option includes driverless lamps too.
Remote lighting control for all components of lighting cabinets
DEUS controllers manage magnetic starters, power meter, individual lamp controllers, sensors, and supplement Qulon hardware. Data from the connected devices and meters are collected by gateways via RS-485 or CAN interfaces and then sent to Qulon server via GSM/GPRS/3G mobile network or Ethernet 10/100 Base TX. Programming, scheduling and troubleshooting are done remotely from QULON software.

Data Sheet | Mounting Guide
Remote management through built-in GSM/GPRS/3G modem or Ethernet
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Built-in backup power supply
  • Built-in AC power supply
  • Astronomical clock onboard
  • Scenario scheduling and live remote control
  • Independent control of each phase
  • Withstand voltage up to 305 V
  • GPS/GLONASS and astronomical clock onboard
  • Straightforward design for simple installation
  • Identification and immediate alert of electrical faults
  • Access to electric meter and other sensors via RS-485
Ultimate lighting control experience
Extremely flexible lighting programming solution with graphical representation of live status of street lighting assets
Qulon-D Dimming Module
Dimming options for conventional lighting?
Street lighting management optimization and energy savings for retrofit lights
The additional dimming module QULON-D is a smart supplement that stabilizes and controls voltage in three-phase networks with conventional lamps. By providing phase dimming in 180-245V range for 230V networks, QULON-D saves you up to 40% of energy costs and prolongs bulb lifetime through "soft start" technology.

This dimming module provides a wide range of diagnostic tools for output power lines as well as incorporating overload protection and short circuit resistance including built-in bypass for emergencies.

Data Sheet
| Mounting Guide