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Ultimate lighting control experience with QULON Software Suite
A combination of carefully project-oriented applications that provide better lighting both functionally and aesthetically

Live Street Lighting Management

Manage your assets remotely straight from the map
Regulate light levels, create dimming scenarios, and adapt luminaires behaviour according to the inputs of a broad range of sensors. Configuration interface is simple and intuitive: save and apply dimming profiles, group and ungroup luminaires, allocate different zones to different operators.

QULON provides an extremely flexible lighting programming solution with graphical representation of live status of street lighting assets precisely located on the map via GPS.
super informative
Live Monitoring
QULON shows live status with precise positioning:
You can get information about current dimming level, alarms, warnings, triggered sensors, and disabled connections straight on the map with no additional clicking.
Extremely flexible lighting programming solution with graphical representation of live status of street lighting assets
Event Log
No night scouting and truck rolls – everything that is going on with your lights is now available through event log. Any change of luminaire status, deviations in consumption, connection failures, lack of power, login history, appointed and completeв maintenance tasks, theft alarms, sensor data… just to name a few!
Precise Stats
QULON provides perfect power consumption monitoring by improved graphic interface of lighting performance. Notifications and alerts are received immediately when certain parameter crosses threshold value. Alarm text messages available.
Reporting Tools
Optimizing energy efficiency with customized reports is easier than before: now information about errors and warnings, power consumption, financial savings, or tasks performance status is scheduled for emailing daily or weekly per single luminaire, groups or the whole system. Custom user-defined reports are also available now – the QULON reporting tool received unequalled flexibility.
Comparable graphs or tables
Visualized Data
QULON generates visualized graphic data breakdown per single luminaire or customized groups, both live and for historical data. QULON measures: current, power factor, cumulative power (kWh/kVAh), active and apparent power, voltages, current and voltage per each phase, and other parameters.
Different applications suit different needs
QULON offers special administrative application for control room, web app for monitoring and management, mobile-adapted applications, task manager workflow application, and connection app.
Featuring a special task management workflow app to increase maintenance efficiency
Workflow app to make maintenance easier
Task Management
QULON workflow app makes planning, ordering, and completing of job orders more proactive and transparent. Managing the workflow of street lighting network is simple and straightforward: just schedule and assign maintenance tasks, control performance, and divide your assets between the installing companies.

  • Overview asset status, monitor asset life cycle
  • Performance-based maintenance tasks
  • Assign tasks and control your crews on the map
  • Involve third parties
  • Document your maintenance jobs
Full Catalogue of Solutions
Discover the full range of QULON intelligent solutions for outdoor lighting control including information about adaptive lighting driven by sensors and integration of architectural lighting